Crowns and Bridges

Are missing teeth preventing you from leading a happy and healthy life?

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges are a permanent solution to help you recapture the health and appearance of your smile after tooth loss. Having severely damaged, decayed or aesthetically lacking teeth can be very frustrating for a lot of people.

People who have one of these situations may not smile as much, which will really affect their confidence and self-image.


If you want to have better looking teeth, then Porcelain Crowns may be the solution for you. This is a permanent restoration to improve the look of your smile and enhance the health, structure and function of your teeth.

It may be necessary to have a Porcelain Crown if a tooth is in a poor condition. This may be the case if a tooth starts to crack, break or is decayed or diseased. These conditions are mainly caused by ageing of the teeth, grinding of teeth, large fillings, poor oral hygiene, improper bite and discoloration after Root Canal Therapy.

Porcelain Crowns basically have two functions. These are structural or aiding the strength of the tooth and aesthetic or improving the way the tooth looks.


Bridges on the other hand are installed to replace the gap caused by a missing tooth. The Bridge is anchored by two adjacent crowns.

If you are missing a tooth, having a Bridge installed can provide you with two benefits. The first is that it can improve your teeth aesthetically and the second is that it will prevent your teeth from shifting out of position after tooth loss.

The great thing about Bridges is that they can be custom made according to the patients need. The colour or shade can be customized in order to match the surrounding teeth of the patient in order to achieve a natural look.


only $499

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