Pain Free Dental Brisbane

Many people are afraid of the dentist. This is one of the reasons why a great number of people tend to neglect their dental health.

Sleep Dentistry for Lengthy and Surgical Appointments

At Divine Smiles, we understand this situation, which is why we offer pain free Sedation Dentistry for all major surgical procedures, Implant placement and wisdom teeth extractions. Modern medicine has advanced so much that patients are truly afforded pain free dental treatment.

About Sedation Dentistry Brisbane

Sedation Dentistry is used to provide a pain free and more relaxing experience during any dental treatment, especially during major dental surgeries.

With this service, you can be sure that you will be very comfortable and at ease during treatment. Although you will not be asleep, you will be in a deeply relaxed state. IV Sedation is a very safe procedure and after treatment you will feel refreshed and have little memory of the procedure, similar to waking after being asleep.

IV Sedation is delivered by a trained and experienced Anaesthetist. During sedation, our Anaesthetist is always with you. Your vital signs are monitored during your entire procedure. You are never alone.

Your safety and comfort is paramount to us. We will take you through every step of your procedure to ensure that you fully understand how IV Sedation is conducted and how it can help you.

Understanding Dental Phobias

First of all, it is important to realise that dental phobia is very common among a lot of people. The main causes or triggers of dental phobia may be the fear of pain and/or shots, hearing and fearing the dental drill and also the typical cold atmosphere that people would normally experience inside the dental practice. Other triggers are a strong gag reflex, difficulty in becoming numb, previous traumatic experience during dental treatment and sensitive teeth.

You don’t have to avoid the dentist due to these concerns any longer, with our pain free sedation treatments! The sedation used will not only relax you and numb any pain, it also works to make you feel relaxed and comfortable to alleviate any fears or phobias. Come and try it today!

A Comfortable Experience

At Divine Smiles we make it a point to ensure that every one of our patients feel comfortable and relaxed throughout their visit. Our Brisbane dental practice has a warm and relaxed environment that will make you feel right at home.

If you are interested in our Sedation Dentistry services, please contact Divine Smiles today and schedule a consultation. Based in Nundah and close to Wavell Heights, we provide dental services to patients from all areas of Brisbane, including Hendra, Geebung and more.


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+ Get a top up takeaway gel free at the six monthly hygiene appointment.

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