Meet Dr Matthew Boubaris

Get a comprehensive examination, scale & clean including X-rays* & Fluoride** for $149

About Dr Matthew

Our Brisbane local, Dr Matthew Boubaris, obtained his Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science at Griffith University in 2018. He then went on to complete his Master of Dentistry in 2020. He is highly passionate about dentistry and takes his work very seriously. We are excited to have him onboard working in collaboration with Dr Das and Dr Chitra.

One of his favourite aspects of dentistry is preventative dentistry and working with patients to help educate them on the importance of oral health. Dr Matthew is highly knowledgeable when it comes to understanding the underlying causes of dental complications so he is a great resource for any patient questions. He also thoroughly enjoys prosthodontic dentistry which involves procedures surrounding dental restorations.

In his day-to-day life, Dr Matthew enjoys a good AFL or cricket game and loves watching movies. He also loves to travel and experience different cultures whenever he can.

If you are eager to experience everything Dr Matthew has to offer:

T&Cs apply. In a Health Fund? Your examination scales and clean will be capped at $149 and any gap simply charged. *As required. **Conditions apply, offer subject to change without prior notice.

Our Values

As a family oriented and experienced dental team, we understand the importance of relationships. We know you wouldn’t pick just any dentist for a consultation. This is why we are offering Dr Matthew’s services at such an affordable price. We have complete confidence in what he has to offer new and existing patients and want you to feel the same.

This offer allows you the opportunity to get to know him and familiarise yourself with our talented new face. Not to mention, it’s an investment in our future. We want Divine Smiles to continue to provide expert dentistry for many years to come. This is why we believe it’s crucial to support junior dentists entering the industry. This opportunity will showcase Dr Matthew’s fantastic work and kick-start his career with our team.

We cant wait for you to meet Dr Matthew

Book now for your $149 comprehensive examination, scale & clean including X-rays* & Fluoride**

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