Our Staff

Tamara Gray

Front Office Coordinator

Tamara grew up in Armidale, NSW and has worked with us here at Divine Smiles since 2017. During this time, Tamara has become an invaluable member of our dental team, helping to ensure Divine Smiles runs smoothly and making sure we all stay on schedule. Tamara chose a career in dentistry because she loves to learn and is always interested in expanding her knowledge on this subject. She is very friendly and welcoming to everyone entering our practice, and Tamara especially enjoys getting to know our patients and their families. Tamara is super organized and has excellent communication skills, which is essential for her role in our dental clinic.

It is Tamara’s job to schedule patient appointments and record treatment information. She makes sure our dentists have enough time to treat people without ever having to rush. Tamara is your point of contact if you need to book an appointment or discuss dental insurance or payment options or have other more general questions about our practice.

In her spare time, Tamara enjoys getting lost in a good book; she is always interested to learn what our patients are reading. She also likes to travel whenever possible, exploring the world beyond our beautiful environment.

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